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We have a dedicated team of Surgeons, Audiologists and Rehab Therapists who work with all our patients

The Johannesburg Cochlear Implant Centre was founded in 2009, even though the Program first began in 1992. It was the first private Cochlear Implant Centre in Johannesburg and grew steadily over the years. Now JCIC is able to offer a full range of services to both children and adults with any implantable hearing requirement. JCIC is able to offer multidisciplinary assessments for children and personalized assessments for all patients. We have a team of personal who are experienced within their fields. To date JCIC has done over 350 cochlear Implants.

All our Audiologists have additional licencing in Cochlear Implants and Mapping, our Surgeons have received additional training in the field of auditory implants and remain up to date with the latest products. Our Therapists are all trained as LSL (Listening and Spoken Language).

JCIC is also the only centre in South Africa who currently has a specialised Auditory Brain stem Implant Team. Our first implant was successfully done in October 2016.


Leone Nauta

Wendy Deverson

Yvonne Penfold

Almeri Scott

Rehab Therapists

Estelle Roberts

Aida D' Amico

Lindy Bolon

Aisha Casoojee


Maurice Hockman

Ashan Nanan

Keith Davidge-Pitts

Razvi Ahmed

Duane Mol

Khaleel Ismail

Deon Roussouw

Our Services:


Additional Services:

  • Counselling and Information for all Hearing Implants (Cochlear Implants, Middle ear Implants, Bone Anchored Devices)
  • Audiological Assessments
  • Medical and Radiological Assessments
  • Speech/ language /communication Assessment
  • Surgery and Implantation of Implant
  • Activation and Rehabilitation 
    • Other implantable hearing devices, including Bone-bridge, Sound-Bridge, Adhere, BAHA.
    • Assistive listening devices for all Hearing Devices incl. Hearing aids
    • Support groups for adults and children

    Our Partners:
     Bidvest 94.7 Hear for life Foundation - support 8 cochlear implants annually and assist several more.