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Types of Hearing Loss and Alternative Solutions

Depending on your hearing loss, a Cochlear Implant may not be the appropriate solution for you. 

At JCIC we are able to supply you with a variety of alternative solutions for a variety of suppliers including MedEL, Cochlear and various hearing aid Companies. 

Sensori-Neural  Hearing Loss

If you have a mild to moderate sensori-neural hearing loss you may benefit from hearing aids. However if you have difficulty with hearing aids and are unable to use them successfully a middle ear implant may be indicated, or a Cochlear Implant. 

Conductive or Mixed Hearing Loss

If you have a conductive or mixed hearing loss, you may benefit from a Bone Anchored Device which are supplied by Cochlear, MedEL, Oticon and Medtronic.

These devices work by stimulating the skill bones, which in term stimulate the better cochlear or inner ear directly. Conditions that may benefit from these options include: Microtia, Atresia, Cholesteatoma, Chronic middle ear pathology or Damaged Ossicular Chains.

Single Sided Deafness (SSD)

Individuals with SSD may have difficulty coping in noisy environments, with Tinnitus or with Localisation difficulties. As a result JCIC offer a variety of solutions in order for the individual to find the best solution for them. These included CROS hearing aids, Bone Anchored Devices and Cochlear Implants.