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What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear Implant is an electronic device that bypasses the damaged outer hair cells of the Cochlear, to provide direct electrical stimulation to the nerve fibers. Unlike a hearing aid, it does not rely on the remaining hearing ability but rather replaces the hair cell function. 

A Cochlear Implant allows the recipient to access speech and environmental sounds. There are many factors that will determine the long term success of an implant. 

What is Involved?

The Surgeon implants the device just behind the ear, he drills into the mastoid bone and inserts the electrode into the cochlear. 

The recipient then wears and external device that picks up the sound and converts it to electrical sound which causes individual electrodes to stimulate the nerve resulting in the person being able to hear. A Cochlear Implant can significantly improve the recipients quality of life, however the individual would require rehabilitation post implant for them to acquire optimal benefit from the device. 

Who is a Candidate?

A person is a Cochlear Implant candidate when they no longer achieve adequate benefit from their hearing aids. This can be a baby, a child or an adult, with a sudden hearing loss or a progressive hearing loss. If you are not sure if you or a loved one is a candidate, please contact JCIC for an assessment.

Which Products are available? 

  • Cochlear
  • Medel